Reverse Osmosis Systems

Purified Drinking Water in your Home - Environmental ProTech - Houston TEXASHow Does It Work ?

Reverse Osmosis is a process of forcing ordinary tap water through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving dissolved solids and other impurities behind. These impurities are rinsed away, resulting in clean, clear, great tasting water. This is the same process used by many bottled water companies.

We can add an inline alkaline filter to this system that can produce ph levels of 8+!

We proudly serve the Katy, Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, and surrounding areas.

Ultra Filter Systems

  • Ultra Filter Water SystemSpace saving design installs under sink or in limited space areas
  • No storage tank needed
  • Requires only normal line pressure to operate
  • Dispenses a continuous supply of water
  • Requires minimal maintenance and will provide years of clean, safe, great tasting water



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Benefits from Better Drinking Water

Weight Control

  • Eliminate as many as 250,000 calories from your diet!
  • About 33% of caloric intake comes from sugary drinks
  • Water has 0 calories and helps suppress hunger

Cost & Convenience

  • Pro Series Solutions cost only pennies per litre
  • Replacing sugary beverages with great tasting water will save you money
  • Bottled water quality right at your fingertips

Improves More Than Drinking Water

  • Perfect for drinking, cooking, juice, coffee, tea, ice cubes.
  • Pets & plants love it too!

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