img-04Baths, showers and shampoos are all free of hard-water impurities that can leave a sticky soap film. A soft-water rinse, free of hard-water impurities, leaves your skin smoother and feeling cleaner.

If that wasn't enough, when you take a shower, the heat opens up your pores and your skin absorbs chlorine and other toxins & pollutants from both the water and the steam.

Over 50% of our daily chlorine exposure comes from showering. This is because chlorine is not only absorbed through our skin, but it is also vaporized in the shower and is inhaled into our lungs, and transferred directly into the blood stream.

Potential health problems associated with daily, long-term chlorine exposure include:

  • Dry Skin & Hair
  • Hives and Rashes
  • Asthma & Breathing Problems
  • Premature Wrinkling of Skin
  • Cancer from THM Agents

Dr. Oz shared a startling fact. He said that a baby sitting in tap water, or anyone standing under a shower, absorbs far more contaminants (like chlorine and fluoride) than they do when they are drinking it. 

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